Technical Activities


One of Rowan IEEE’s signature events! Grab a premade set of materials and whip together a robot for our SUMO Kit event! Look forward to a fun night filled with thrilling robot battles that allow you to take advantage of your engineering skills and meet some of the wonderful members of Rowan IEEE! SUMO Kit is an excellent opportunity to form a foundational understanding of robotics, get involved in SUMO without the intimidating challenge posed by Scratch and enjoy free food!

SUMO Scratch

One of Rowan IEEE’s signature events! Put your engineering skills to the test and build a cutting edge war machine from the ground up for our SUMO Scratch event! Behold the wondrous creations developed through sheer Rowan Engineering ingenuity and watch them clash in spectacular gladiatorial fashion! SUMO Scratch is the apex of robot battle competition at Rowan. Enjoy the tense battles, delicious free food, and network with the brightest robotics minds at the University.

CAD Workshops

With the advent of computer technology, engineers today have the ability to develop and test systems in a virtual environment. Rowan students will be tasked with using OnShape and SolidWorks during many of their classes and masters of these programs can make a career using these skills. Rowan IEEE provides opportunities for its members to learn these computer aided design softwares and develop more advanced skills for use in Rowan Projects and professional environments.

PCB Workshops

Printed circuit boards are the foundation for all electronic systems. In this ambitious new workshop learn to use your electrical engineering skills and Diptrace to design and manufacture a PCB and circuit for an application of your choosing. Learn to apply everything you have learned to the development of practical electronics.

Soldering Workshops

No matter what engineering discipline you practice there’s a good chance you’ll have to solder. The foundation of all electrical engineering manufacturing, soldering can be tricky to get the hang of, but we’re here to help to ensure all Rowan engineers get the opportunity to learn this vital skill.

Arduino Workshops

Simple and efficient, Arduino boards have served as the foundation for countless student projects over the years. Learn the ins and outs of building Arduino circuits and programming with Arduino software so you can start making your dreams into reality!

Software Workshops

Rowan IEEE is a pillar of the Rowan Engineering community. Whether you’re struggling with some of the software in your classes or you just want to get ahead of the game and learn something new, IEEE’s software workshops are a wonderful resource! Previous workshops have focused on programs such as GIT and Verilog. Plenty more are planned for the future and we’re always open to suggestions!

Suggestions for Workshops

Please send us an email by filling out the form on our contact page if you have any suggestions for workshops.