Professional Activities

Guest Speakers

Attending an event in our speaker series will give you the opportunity to learn from industry professionals, Rowan alumni, and Rowan faculty members. Topics can vary from professional development to graduate school admissions to what it’s like to work in the industry. Past speakers have hailed from places like Lockheed Martin and Boeing as well as from within the University itself. Attending speaker series events is a wonderful way to learn about future possibilities you can pursue after graduation, professional opportunities for pursuit during undergrad, and to network with engineering professionals.

Resume Workshops

Building a resume can seem like a daunting task, but Rowan IEEE is here to help! We have many members who have secured lucrative internship and job opportunities in the past who are thrilled to help you perfect your resume so you can seize the opportunity you’ve always had your eye on!

Engineering Career Fair

Finding internships and job opportunities can be an intimidating prospect, especially in the highly technical field of engineering. Join us for our engineering career fair where you can network with some of the top companies in the region and learn about what they have to offer.

Upperclassmen Clinic Project Showcases

To conclude our semesters, join Rowan IEEE for a showcase of Rowan ECE Upperclassmen Clinic Projects. Learn about the exciting work being done by Rowan Juniors and Seniors every week and how you can get involved with them either now or in the future!

IEEE Student Activities Conference

The IEEE Region 2 Student Conference is the premier annual event where all student branches from IEEE Region 2 (the mid-atlantic coast of the United States) meet to discuss mutual challenges and compete in regional competitions. The conference objective is to encourage lively student engagement and provide opportunities for students to network and learn from other students from across Region 2 while applying practical engineering knowledge in the various competitions. StuCon also provides a great opportunity for student members to work in teams and to network with Industry Professionals and IEEE Leaders.