2020 E-Board

Chair – Brian Costantino

Brian Costantino is a sophomore Electrical and Computer Engineering major at Rowan University with a minor in Physics. When he isn’t indulging himself in his studies, you can find him researching advanced mechanics, and practicing software development. Brian is passionate about pursuing a career in Software or Systems Engineering. He also spends his time playing the piano, working out, and going snowboarding, as well as being heavily involved with the planning for Profhacks 2020. Brian is beyond thrilled to be IEEE’s Chair and is looking forward to making 2020 one of the best years yet for the club.

Vice Chair – Aidan Sorensen

Aidan is a sophomore Electrical and Computer Engineering major, with a minor in Systems Engineering. He’s been involved with IEEE since his freshman year, most notably in being on the Marketing committee for ProfHacks 2019– he is now a Lead Organizer for ProfHacks 2020. He is also a Community Safety Assistant on Rowan’s campus. Aidan currently aspires to work with AI and robotics that will help those in need. When he’s not in school, Aidan also enjoys working out, drawing, playing video games, and traveling. He is very excited to take on the role of Vice Chair, and is looking forward to an amazing year.

Treasurer – Nick Gambino

Nick Gambino is a Electrical & Computer Engineering Major with a Computer Science Minor. Nick has been very involved through IEEE as he is a ProfHacks 2020 Lead Organizer. Nick’s activities through IEEE include: Sumo Kit and Scratch Competitions, attending events such as Rise, as well as numerous workshops.

Secretary – Nick Kabala

Nick is majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering while pursuing a minor in Physics and is expected to graduate in the Spring of 2021. Nick is extremely involved in Rowan IEEE, as he has previously served on the 2019 E-Board as the Tournament Chair. Also, Nick is a mentor in Rowan IEEE’s mentorship program as well as a tutor for Calculus I-III, MEA, and PECA. Outside of his involvement in IEEE, Nick enjoys playing golf, fantasy football, archery, and owning people in Smash Ultimate. Upon graduation, Nick would like to pursue a career in the fields of either Power Systems or Renewable Energy Systems Engineering. As the club’s secretary, Nick plans on doing his due diligence in keeping all of the club’s statistics organized and updated while doing his part to make the year of 2020 the best one yet for Rowan IEEE.

Activities Chair – Olga Koturlash

Olga is a Junior Mechanical engineering major. She has been a member of IEEE since her freshman year, and has held the position of Activities Chair twice. She loves planning fun events for the club, and getting involved with ProfHacks. She plants on pursuing an Industrial or Aerospace engineering career. Her hobbies include hiking, gardening, and biking.

Fundraising Chair – Kyle Fisher

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PR Chair – Jack Campanella

Jack is a freshman Electrical and Computer Engineering major with a Computer Science minor and an honors concentration. Jack enjoys projects such as SIGHT that allow him to combine his interest in programming and robotics. He hopes to find an internship to lead him towards a career in robotics or software engineering. In his free time, Jack can be found on the golf course, on the beach, or reading a good book. He is excited to be a part of IEEE and looks forward to the future of the club.

Service Chair – Luke LaBianco

Luke LaBianco is a sophomore Mechanical Engineer with an intended minor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rowan University. Luke loves robotics, listening to music, working out, and helping others. He is also a massive soccer fan, mainly of F.C Barcelona. Luke hopes to serve the Rowan campus and keep up the great reputation of IEEE. Luke is looking forward to future IEEE projects and can’t wait to see what happens with the club in the years to come.

Sponsorship Chair – Thomas Schofield

Tom is a junior Electrical and Computer Engineering major at Rowan University with an honors concentration. Tom is also on the website committee for ProfHacks, as well as a co-lead for Rowan IEEE’s Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT). He likes programming microcontrollers and working on the Hoverbike clinic. Tom also enjoys collecting and playing retro video games in his free time.

Tournament Chair – John Newman

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Webmaster – Garrett Williams

Garrett Williams is a sophomore ECE with a minor obsession with Spongebob. In his free time, Garrett enjoys doing karate, working at the VR Center, playing video games, as well as developing video games. With help from the experiences and opportunities from being Webmaster, Garrett hopes to have a career in the games industry.

SGA Representative – Christopher Lentini

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SGA Representative – Nick Steel

Nicholas Steel is a freshman Mechanical Engineer in the Honors program. In his free time he enjoys playing board games, watching Netflix, and making horrible jokes. Also, he is an avid coder and enjoys solving problems, whatever the context. Nick is excited to see what IEEE can do this year!

SGA Representative – Sanjay Thallam

Sanjay is a Freshman Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computing & Informatics double major with a Computer Science Minor and Honors Concentration. He is a Third Generation IEEE Member who is motivated to help grow and evolve the organization. Sanjay is also involved with RAS, Rowan Formula Racing, Honors and Research on campus. In his free time, Sanjay’s hobbies include watching motorsports (Especially Nascar), hanging out with friends, playing guitar and tinkering with electronics and computers. He is a light-hearted yet agile and determined individual focused on making a reputed name for himself in industry and society. He hopes to make IEEE a fun, inclusive and educational experience for the Rowan University Community whilst forging lifelong connections along the way and is proud to be your SGA representative.